Maziere Electric Waterpump SBC (black) (Used)

American made with quality far superior to any other performance aftermarket company, we build our water pumps with pride right here in the USA.  Don’t be mislead by inflated flow numbers and competitors’ outlandish claims.  We say what we mean and mean what we say.  Reservoir pumps – Fill it and forget it!
Our new reservoir pump is the most innovative solution for those difficult-to-fill systems. It was specifically designed for dragsters where the radiator is laying down flat; either in the front of the driver or over the transmission. It has also proven to be a great help in some kit car applications and other situations where the radiator is inaccessible. Its integrated surge tank makes these systems easy to fill in just a fraction of the time. This pump provides a cure for the problems associated with low and horizontal mounted radiators. The built in expansion tank serves as a fill point and air separator. With the pressure cap located at the correct spot in the system, the system fills easily with the pump running and maintains the level by purging accumulated air before any water escapes. With a head of water above a self priming pump cavity, this design eliminates air locking and cavitation.

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