Here is just a few of the projects that we have done in the past. Most of the work you will find here are custom turbo systems that we’ve done for customers or headers for race cars. Either way this should give you an idea of the quality work that we do on each and every car in our facility.

Chris Stewart’s C5 Z06

Chris’s Z06 made over 600rwhp using 10psi boost on a bone stock motor. Fuel upgrades include 60# injectors, boost a pump, and methanol injection that allows it to run like this on the street with pump gas. Drivetrain upgrades include Tex clutch, SFI bellhousing, hardened output shaft, and rear diff brace that allows it to withstand abuse at the track. Here’s some video of the car in action.

Curt Geise’s Twin Turbo Top Sportsman GTO – Curt’s GTO made just over 1000RWHP on very low boost. We don’t think it’s much longer until he wants more but the idea was to build a competitive car that doesn’t break every 3 runs. He obviously forgot that when you race, things break, regardless of the power output, jk! Here are some of the final pictures of the car before it left the shop with a Job Spetter JR tune from Turbo People of NY.

GTO TT Front EndPassenger Side Turbo… Again… Again…

Big A2W I/CGTO TTTop Sportsman DynoPassenger Side Turbo… Again

Rick Smyth’s Twin Turbo Alcohol Dragster… 07-2008

Ed and Rick Smyth from E&S Services asked us to step up their SBC dragster with a pair of turbochargers back in 2006. They planned on running the motor and turbo system on a mechanically alcohol injected system.

After we finished the kit, they never had much success with the mechanical injection and wanted to switch over to electronic fuel injection. We modified their Hogan’s manfiold to accept 16 160pph injectors that will be controlled through a Accel DFi GenVII system.

EFi ConversionEFi Conversion‘56 Chev

After switched over to electronic fuel injection, the dragster ran its best time yet at the Seattle Divisional in June of 2008 but there was still more to be done. This turbosystem still needed an intercooler to lower IATs in hopse to lower the exhaust gas temperature. Unfortunately after building the intercooler, our first pass on the dyno wasn’t a good one. One of the lifters broke and got wedged between cylinders 5 & 6 causing an expensive mess. With the little data that we collected, the intercooler definitely did its job by lowering the IATs and EGTs.

Rob’s Super Gas Mustang… 02-2007Headers, headers, headers for 2007. I haven’t even posted all the sets that we’ve done but I did manage to snag a few pictures of these headers for Rob S’s NHRA Super Gas Mustang.

robs01.jpg robs02.jpgrobs03.jpg

Jeannine Johnson’s Dragster… 12-2006

Here is the latest at the shop right now. Here is a small sneak peek at Jeannine Johnson’s dragster. She needed a custom set of dragster headers and knew who to call! Recently sponsored by Microsoft and promoting the launch of their new operating system, Vista, this dragster should get a lot of coverage in the upcoming 2007 season.
(You can check out Jeannine’s home page here for more information on this dragster)

billjohnson01.jpg billjohnson02.jpgbilljohnson03.jpg

Mark Faul’s Super Stock GT Headers

Finally after years of waiting, we managed to get Mark Faul the set of headers that he had been waiting for.
(Click images to enlarge)

Turbo Technology Welcomes Job Spetter JR… 10-2006

Got DFi? Want big power? Job Spetter JR from Turbo People is probably the best when it comes to DFi tuning. Job flew in to tune one race car in particular and had a chance to do a few others since he was in town. Most of you have seen this on the cover of our website in the past but for now this event will go down in history. You can read about about it below: (Click image to proceed) To see additonal pictures, you MUST click the image below!


Customer’s Cars

Here are some of our customer’s cars. Please do not email me with requests for information on these vehicles. All you need to know is a) we worked on it or our product is in it b) chances are its fast and lastly c) don’t try to race them because chances are you’ll get what’s coming to you! (Hopefully :P)The videos require certain plugins sometimes. Usually Divx will do the trick. If you have problems viewing a certain video, you can email me and I’ll do my best to help.

If you would like your car featured on this page just send me an email with pictures, video, or even news articles and I would be more then happy to post them.


Ryan’s F-Body Camaro
t76 TTi Street System

Phil’s C5 Corvette
C5 TTi Stage X System

Kevin Sullivan’s S10

Robert’s C5 Corvette
C5 TTi Stage X System



“Jersey Jay” C5 Corvette
TTi Stage X System

Ed’s 5.9 Dakota
TTi 5.9 System

Glenn’s C5 Corvette
C5 TTi Stage X System


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Ryan’s TTi t76 Street Dyno

Jeff’s 8 second pass TTi’s *NEW* Race System
Phil’s 9 second pass Stage X Corvette
Ryan’s 10 second pass T76 Camaro street kit
Rob’s 9 second pass C5 Corvette TTiX
Rob’s 10 second pass C5 Corvette TTiX
Glenn’s 11 second pass C5 Corvette TTiX
Glenn’s 10 second pass C5 Corvette TTiX

Wes from Unnatural Inc “drifting”