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tuning-topHere at Turbo Technology, we have DynoJet 2wd Dyno. Over the years we have done an enormous amount of tuning on a wide range of vehicles on a wide range of tuning platforms. From 2 cylinders to NHRA, from engines cranked by hand, to today’s high horsepower – high performance street machines.

Our 2WD Dynojet allows us to dyno any front wheel or rear wheel drive car up to 1500hp(at the tire). We CAN NOT dyno any all wheel drive vehicles unless you are able to force the vehicle to run on 2 wheels. There are usually provisions for all-wheel drive vehicles to disengage one of the drive axles. Usually by a viscous coupler or drive line removal. Sometimes driveline removal is not adequate though, and additional electronics maybe needed.

After the dyno run we are able to print out a data sheet with the following parameters (some not applicable per application and may have additional charges):

Fuel Pressure
Engine Speed

We can also record any GM sensor. If you have something that you would like to monitor and have an extra sensor, we’re capable of doing so. (IE Water Temp, Air Intake Temp, ect.)
Note: Additional charges do apply when using more then just Horsepower/Torque readings.

If it has two wheels chances are we can dyno it! Here are some unusual contestants:

bugati2 dynoquad


For $149.95 we will hook-up your front or rear wheel drive vehicle (includes 2 pulls) to give you a precise measurement of the rear wheel horsepower and torque output of your vehicle. Any additional pulls cost $12

For an additional $50.00 we will hook up the dyno’s O2 sensor to measure the exhaust’s air fuel ratio to be able to tell you whether your vehicle is running rich or lean and data log it through the rpm range. This provision is available only if you have an additional O2 plug already welded into your exhaust system. If needed, we can arrange to weld one into your exhaust and cap it with a plug when finished. This charge varies on different vehicles, but averages around $60 with the plug.

We are capable of tuning all carbureted vehicles and most fuel injected vehicles. Given that the car is 100% ready for the dyno (usually they are not) average cost is between $450-995.00

Availability / Rent
Base pulls can usually be done that same day as long as we aren’t using the dyno already. Tuning sessions can be made by appointment and usually scheduled within 48 hours of inquiry.

Big DIYer? We can rent the dyno out per hour for $150 IF we think you are capable of doing so.

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