2005-2008 Mustang GT Intercooled Single Turbo System

Mustang Single Turbo System

 This kit was originally manufactured for Granatelli Motorsports back in 2006.

  •  Kit can support over 450RWHP on 93 octane gas. There is enough turbocharger to support over 600RWHP on modified motors.
  • Utilizes a 76mm Turbonetics Turbocharger with a 1 year hassle free warranty.Turbocharger can be upgraded to a ball bearing unit.
  • 44mm TiAL Wastegate and HKS Blow Off Valve included.
  • 2.50″ Downpipe mated to a pair of high flow catalytic converters. Optional 3.00″ downpipe with converter delete pipes available.
  • VIDEO FOOTAGE of the system can be viewed on gmsvideos.com (http://www.gmsvideos.com/video_detail.php?mId=1417)
  • Kit comes COMPLETE less fuel pump & injectors and an SCT SF3.
    plus shipping and handling

Turbocharger Inlet Pipe
Hot side parts
Exhaust Looking Forward w/Cat Converters
Intercooler Ducting
Stainless Steel Merge Collector