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Our X kit,

  We started designing in 1999 it has gone through many upgrades since. Started life with a tubular style manifold. During early testing, we noticed the manifolds would crack where welded to the flange so we decided to step up and have the manifolds redesigned and casted. It was a year long process but now hundreds of kits later its has turned out to be a good investment for our customers with no failures.


singlemanifold_600 compare

drivers_side_manifold passenger_side_manifold

 The turbos started out in the early days using T-25 then to T-28 the kit was topping out at 500rwhp in 1999 which was good power for the time. In 2001 we went to a T3/4 hybrids Turbonetics and that change got us into the low 700’s at the tire. Then Turbonetics started experimenting with a ball bearing design, we used those for the next five years but when guys tried to push them towards the 1000rwhp mark the thrust would fail on the compressor side due to the exhaust back pressure. That get us to the turbo chargers we use today, PTE offered a dual ball bearing design that tested well into the 1000rwhp mark and would live. We had some dealers push the 1200rwhp mark with our kits using PTE turbos and different exhaust housings and the new CEA compressor and exhaust wheels we still use today.



 The 2.5″ exhaust downpipes that come standard with the kit are handmade, tig welded mandrel bent aluminized mild steel, we also offer 3.0″ downpipe as an upgrade.


The wastegates we use today are the tial MVS 38mm, this gate along with the largest turbocharger we offer does see boost creep if used on a larger engine if you’re trying to run the boost below 15 psi with open exhaust.


 The intercooler has gone through changes too, the early stage 1&2 kits had two intercoolers mounted in the front end just behind the air inlets for the brake cooling ducts, we later switched to a single large core front mount that works well to the 1000rwhp mark, the Tial 50mm bov is welded onto the top of the intercooler.


wg_01 downpipes wg_02

satinfinish chromexfinish

 The compressor ducting is handmade from mandrel bent tubing and is tig welded and power coated, we offer different colors but standard is a metallic gray. We use 3.0″ compressor inlet ducting, it is routed through the front inner fender well, it is designed to fit well with stock front tires and wheel offset. We have seen some rub on the passenger side on hard turns in a parking lot with aftermarket tires and wheels, the tube has to be ovaled towards the top to help with this. The compressor outlet tubing stats as 2.0″ from the turbo then goes to 2.5″ once it clears the manifold. The silicone/fiberglass couplers are manufactured by Belair Composites, the kit comes with a high quality stainless lined clamp that is good for 20 psi, T-bolt style clamp are an option if you feel the need for them. KN filter are standard.


intercooler_01 intercooler_02

The kits are sold complete minus fuel system upgrades and tuning. We have found that the stock fuel system with a 60pph injector will support 600rwhp and by adding a bap 700rwhp is doable, anything more than that a drop-in fuel system from aeromotive or Andy at A&A corvettes has a couple of cool options.


 I have many satisfied customers and one not so satisfied customer, I can supply contact info if you would like to talk with someone that has sold, installed and used our kits. 




Passenger and Drivers side turbo inlet pipes

ds_air_inlet_pipe ps_air_inlet_pipe

Corvette C6 Base Model Dyno Graph

(click to enlarge)


This was our initial results on an absolute stock C6 with a manual transmission. This vehicle made over 500hp at the rear wheels, at 7psi. This same system on a modified motor will still have the ability to make over 1000hp.

Corvette C6 Z06 Model Dyno Graph

(click to enlarge)


Obviously this is an aftermarket motor. The motor was a 427″ built by W2W. This specific vehicle was dyno tuned on 91 octane gas with a custom methanol injection kit. On only 14.5PSI, this kit managed to make over 900RWHP. That’s over 1000hp at the flywheel.

 Kit pricing starts


Base X kit at 9495.00

PTE ball bearing upgrade add 1200.00 (pair)

3.0 downpipe upgrade 795.00 (pair)

Turbonetics .82 exhaust housing upgrade 480.00 (pair)


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