Twin Turbo Corvette Systems C5 and C5 Z06

C5 Twin Turbo System: Stage X and Stage X Lite
Fits Z06 and base models

The Corvette turbo system has been around for some time now. We originally started with two small T28 platform turbochargers but that just wasn’t enough for some. Then we swapped out the two T28 turbochargers with a two small T3 turbochargers built by TEC and customers still wanted more. Finally, we put two one of a kind t3/t4 ball bearing turbochargers from Turbonetics on and upgraded from the dual intercoolers to one single front mount intercooler .
(Stage I kit shown)


The first two kits listed above were called the Stage I & II . These kits are no longer available. That last kit mentioned is called the Stage X system. The Stage X kit is offered in three different formats; one with journal bearing turbochargers, one with single ball bearing and one with dual ball bearing turbochargers. Also, the  kits have different coating packages. Standard on the either of the kits (ball bearing or non ball bearing) is our satin grey ice finish.
(C6 Z06 Cerma-Chrome Shown)

C6 Z06
Shown with Turbonetics ball bearing turbochargers, cast intercooler end tanks, grey ice ceramic/powder coating

Stage X Lite Retail: Email
non ball bearing turbochargers, cast end intercooler end tanks, grey ice ceramic coating
Freight, depending on your location starts at $250 on all kits.

Precision dual ball bearing billet turbochargers, add $1190 each
Sheet metal intercooler end tanks, add $300
Cerma-Chrome coating (polish), add $300
3″ Downpipes, add $845

Both kits will make the same peak power and the coating difference is just cosmetic. The difference between ball bearing turbochargers and journal bearing turbochargers is spool time and longevity. The difference is minimal and worth the savings if your not planning on going over 600 rwhp. That’s why we decided to start offering the Lite kit. Below is a few samples of it with the grey ice coating. This particular kit is a for a C5 or C5 Z06 and the wastegates that are shown are now standard Tial 38mm units.

Lite Coating

Lite Coating MISC

The Turbonetics turbochargers come with an unconditional 1 year warranty. That means no matter what you mange to do, if those turbochargers go out for whatever reason, Turbonetics will replace them at no charge. Even if your oil gets contaminated and you think something might have happened, send them back, and we can get them inspected and repaired if necessary. We have had many people ask us “Why do you use Turbonetics turbochargers over Garrett?” This is why:

Turbonetics ceramic ball bearing turbochargers utilize an angular contact ball bearing with silicone-nitride ceramic balls. Yeah, yeah, it sounds fancy but what does this mean? It means that our unit can withstand between 1000 to 2200 lbs of dynamic thrust load vs. conventional unit’s 60 to 80 lbs. Turbonetics uses a single ball bearing instead of two, BY DESIGN. The angular contact bearing is the loading surface! The turbine-end bushing bearing acts as a shock absorber to prevent destructive rotating imbalances. The imbalance can damage the turbocharger from inside out. Through computerized modeling and high-speed rotor dynamic analysis, the floating turbine end bearing was found to be the very best way to absorb and dampen critical frequencies that are transmitted through the turbine shaft. On top of all this, Turbonetics design allows the unit to be rebuilt. Try finding a source that will totally rebuild a typical “dual ball bearing” setup. You will get the same answer every time – “buy a new cartridge”.

Turbonetics offers an unconventional warranty in the industry. We’ve been doing this since 2003. This warranty is offered on our products because we are confident in our design and performance. We don’t cover stupidity… ok, maybe just once. The warranty is part of our attractive product offering – Solid performance, extreme durability, competitive pricing, and that extra margin for safety; even for stupidity (or honest mistake, whatever, we don’t care!). We are not going to offer something we’re going to lose money on. We know units are not coming back; if they do, it’s a rare occurrence.”

Lite Coating MISC

These turbo systems are both capable of making upwards of 1000hp on modified engines with dual ball bearing turbos but still capable of making 500-600hp (safely) on stock engines. Depending on the year of your C5, usually injectors and a license to HP Tuners or LS1 Edit will be sufficient for the fuel management and programming.

Fuel Upgrades/Methanol Injection
Those that are looking for more power then 600hp should invest in a similar fuel setup shown below. This setup is not included with the price of the turbo system but gives you a good perspective on such a fuel system. This was a one off system that we did for a very close customer of ours.

Stock C5 turbo systems require 60lb injectors. These injectors are available for an additional $400. These are good for up to 600hp. Other injectors and prices are available depending on horsepower needs. Depending on desired hp you may want to add a fuel pump booster for $229. Again not required if making 600 or less horsepower. The stock fuel system +60lb injectors are all that are needed for the basic systems on stock motors.

We have also had a very high success rate with methanol injection. On a C5 Z06 we were able to make 650RWHP+ on a stock motor and over 900RWHP+ on a 427″ C6 Z06. We an provide you with methanol systems with single or dual nozzles. E-mail or call us for current pricing.


We do recommend that you have a professional shop install any of our turbo systems. This turbo system takes approximately 24-32 hours to install for your first time depending on your mechanical ability. If your close to Michigan, Phil Hoefler is the man of choice for installation and consulting needs; unless of course, you closer to Seattle, WA which in that case, you would come and see us. Please check out our dealer page to find a certified dealer in your area.



The Stage X and Stage X Lite kit both come with the following premium components:

  • Twin manifolds which are high content nickel for durability, sand casting CNC machined for perfect port alignment and exhaust & balance distribution.


  • Custom Turbonetics or Precision T3/T4 ball bearing or non ball bearing turbochargers available in your choice of exhaust housings for your driving needs.


  • Tial 38mm  wastegates are mated to each down pipe discharge flange for optimal exhaust flow.
  • Two of America’s #1 air filters, K&N, are mounted on each 3” mandrel bent ceramic coated intake pipes.


  • TiAL 50mm by pass valve w/aluminum CNC mounting flange pre-welded on the intercooler for installation ease, designed so compressor surge is never an issue.
  • 2.5” mandrel bent, ceramic coated down pipes w/ precision machined CNC flanges, mated with 1.5” ceramic coated, wastegate inlet/outlet discharge dumps tubes, precisely re-routed back into the down pipes for perfectly distributed exhaust flow, all professionally tig welded.
  • Turbonetics bar and plated intercooler cores, are utilized for an overall core dimension of 3.5” W x 6” H x 27” L, to get the coolest intake charge temperatures as possible. 6061 aluminum end tanks, tig welded complete this single front mount intercooler.


  • Hot side intercooler ducting starts at 2” and steps up to 2.5”, just before the dual 2.5” inlets to the intercooler, for maximum velocity. Bead rolled ends ensure your never stuck with a blown charge pipe. From the intercooler, a 3.5” gigantic outlet matched up to a quality K&N air bridge, delivers the boost instantaneously.


The Stage X kit on a 2003 stock Z06 engine made an impressive 529rwhp and 480trq on pump gas and only 7 psi. On a modified engine, we’ve seen a handful of cars make over 800 and even 900+ horsepower.

Here are a few dyno graphs to show you that this kit is not only capable of making this power, but its proven. These aren’t the highest/lowest but they are some of the average results. Don’t forget to check out “Customers Ride’s” for more media on our C5 kits.
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