Dodge Dakota 5.9L 62-1 Single Turbo System

The Dodge Dakota system comes with everything you’ll need to install except fuel injectors, fuel pump, and engine management. A drop in fuel pump by Walbro and a set of 36lb injectors should get the job done as far as fuel delivery goes. On the tuning side of things, SCT Flash just started supporting the Dodge PCMs. You will now be able to take your Dakota to an authorized SCT tuner and have them dial in your vehicle through the stock electronics!

The system includes a 304 stainless steel passenger side manifold which has an external wastegate flanged for TiAL 44mm wastegate, 304 stainless steel crossover pipe to connect to the drivers side exhaust manifold (an aftermarket “shorty” header can be used ONLY if it retains the stock location of the original exhaust manifold), 2.50″ aluminized downpipe, TiAL 44mm wastegate and TiAL 50mm by pass valve, a Precision PT900 air-to-water intercooler (which includes all the water lines, water pump, reservoir, etc), all intercooler ducting with lined worm style silicone clamps and silicone intercooler couplers. Oh and a T62 Turbonetics Turbocharger :D. The kit comes with a journal bearing unit but can be upgrade for a ball bearing unit for a additional $500.

*This complete kit has been discontinued. We do however offer the stainless header & aluminized cross-over for someone looking to build their own system. The “hot side” piping kit sells for $1850.

5.9L Dakota Turbo System5.9L Dakota Turbo System5.9L Dakota Turbo System