1998-2002 F-Body Trans Am/Camaro Single Street Systems


1998-2002 LS1 Turbo Systems

We have three systems to offer the f-body crowd. All systems only fit the 98-2002 5.7 LS1 Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Trans Am. Two of these systems are designed for the street which will retain your power steering and air conditioning. The last system is a full blown race kit but still manages to fit in the vocabulary of a “street” system to some. Below are the details of these highly engineered systems.

62-1 and T76 Street Systems
The 60-1 and T76 systems are almost identical in parts but both have different objectives. The 60-1 was designed for a stock internal engine with no plans of future power gains. We recommend, for longevity purposes, tuning either of the street systems to 400-450rwhp; the 60-1 maxes out at this point on about 10psi. The T76 system is also capable of making the same power as the 60-1 but allows the owner, after modifications to the bottom end, to achieve more power down the road.

Difference between the two kits is simple, price and response time. The 60-1 turbocharger is significantly smaller which means the power will be more instantaneous then the T76 turbocharger. The T76 system will have very little “lag” but allows the owner to have the ability to upgrade their engine and run the turbocharger at its maximum potential. 600RWHP can be achieved with a T-76 on this system.Each kit includes the following premium components:
Turbonetics Turbocharger (non-bb, bb available upon request on either system)
Turbonetics Air to Air Intercooler
Turbonetics 38mm Evolution Wastegate
– HKS SSQV By Pass Valve OR TiAL
TTi 304 Stainless Steel 2.50” manifold with 1.50” primaries
TTi 2.50” Crossover pipe
– Intercooler ducting (60-1 has 2” to and 2.50” from the intercooler, T76 has 2.50” to and from the intercooler)

Our stainless steel manifold can also be purchased separately for $875. This manifold comes flanged for a T4 turbine housing.


Pricing is as follows:
62-1 $5,495.00
T76 $6,495.00

Individual parts are as follows:
Any of the manifolds (60-1, 62-1, T76)$875.00
Crossover pipe $375.00
3.00″ downpipe $350.00
Alternator Relocation Kit$325.00

All that is needed left to install, depending on your horsepower goals, is a fuel system (usually injectors, fuel pump or a boost-a-pump) and a license to ECU editing software such as HP Tuners or LS1 Edit.


LS1 T76/T80 Race System

**NEW**: See the step by step Walk through of the T80 race kit manufactured!
Click on the image below!
This is the biggest turbo system of the three. This kit will require you to remove your air conditioning, relocate the alternator, but you’ll still retain the power steering. This kit is completely different then the two systems above and has the potential to net a whopping 1000hp+ on a modified engine. This turbo system comes with either an air2air intercooler or an air2water intercooler.Below is a is the latest picture of the system using an air2air intercooler. The picture below it is the original race system using an air2water intercooler. Both kits are exactly the same except the intercooler setup. The air2air intercooler display includes a Turbonetics T83 turbocharger where the original air2water display shows a T76 unit.

Air to air intercooler designracekit.jpg
Air to water intercooler design
With this system you have a few options as far as turbocharger selection goes. We can utilize the T76 and still net 700hp+ but for those of you that want more, a T80 is recommended. Either of the turbochargers can be upgraded to a ball bearing unit as well.Original Race System Dyno Sheet from 2002

The kit comes with twin premium stainless steel headers with 1-5/8″ primaries, a stainless steel 2.50” turbo mount pipe, and a 2.50” cross-over pipe. The intercooler setup is a bit different this time around. We use one single Precision PT900 air-to-water intercooler core which allows us to cool the intake air temps beyond any air-to-air setup is capable of doing.

Driver's SidePassenger Side
These kits start as low as $6,278.88 and as high as $9,058.85.The hot side parts are also available separately. The hot pipes include the stainless steel headers, stainless steel turbo mount pipe, and stainless steel cross-over pipe for $3,495.

LS1 Race System Hot Side Stainless Steel Peices

Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. Check the Customers Rides page for “Mighty Mouse’s” LS1 Race System in action as well as Ryan’s LS1 T76 Street System.

We also have multiple threads on LS1Tech.com about all three of these turbo systems as well.