Ford Inlet E9ZZ-9B659-D Incon Hose Tube Mustang GT Inlet Hose MAF E9ZE-9R504D

OEM NEW Mustang Gt Intake Tube MAF Rubber Hose 1987-93

These could be used for various types of turbocharging needs, from inlet ducting from the compressor cover to joining intercooler ducting around tight areas. I’ve seen customers use these on their SR and RB swaps for Nissans off of the compressor cover. The rubber ducting is very flexible and heavy duty. This isn’t something that is going to melt in your engine compartment, that’s for sure.

This was also used as an inlet pipe on the early twin turbo systems for the Fox Body Mustangs that Incon once made back in the early 90s. I’ve got boxes of these things, all brand new, never installed and in great condition.

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