3.5″ (89mm) Mating Flat Flange W/V-band Clamp included- Mild Steel


3.5″ (89mm) Mating Male to Female (Interlocking) Flanges with V-Band Clamp Included

3.0″ (89mm) V-Band Clamp
Mating Flat Flange Design
Stainless Steel Clamp
Mild Steel V-Bands

One of the commonly overlooked aspects of a good exhaust system design is how you choose to connect the components together. Our Granatelli Motor Sports Mating Flat Flange Design V band exhaust clamps are the perfect way to get this done. These Mating Flat Flange designed V band exhaust clamps allow you to disassemble your system for service or to repair other systems on your vehicle. The clamps are quality-manufactured and are available in industry standard sizes to best suit your application.

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