2.5″ (63mm) Mating Flat Flanges with V-Band Clamp Included

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2.5″ (63mm) Mating Male to Female (Interlocking) Flanges with V-Band Clamp Included – Stainless Steel

2.5″ (63mm) V-Band Clamp
Interlocking Male/Female Design
Stainless Steel Clamp
Stainless Steel V-Bands

One of the commonly overlooked aspects of a good exhaust system design is how you choose to connect the components together. Our Granatelli Motor Sports Interlocking Male/Female Design V band exhaust clamps are the perfect way to get this done. These Interlocking Male/Female designed V band exhaust clamps are uniquely designed to help keep your exhaust system operating properly and, even more importantly, allow you to disassemble your system for service or to repair other systems on your vehicle. The clamps are quality-manufactured and are available in industry standard sizes to best suit your application.

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