Precision Turbo Air to Air Intercooler Cores

Precision Turbo has been well known for their leadership in heat exchanger products for nearly every application. That same cutting edge technology is yours with this line of air-to-air cores.
All of the cores listed below feature bar and plate construction which allows the use of higher boost pressure. This construction is much more resistant to damage from road hazards than tube and fin designs.

Use these high efficiency cores with your own end tanks or we can custom fabricate an intercooler to your specifications.

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6"L x 11.70"H x 3.0"D 225HP ($199.99), 6"L x 12.00"H x 4.5"D 325HP ($249.99), 8"L x 11.70"H x 4.5"D 425HP ($309.99), 13"L x 17.35"H x 3.0"D 680HP ($390.99), 18"L x 6.40"H x 3.5"D 400HP ($349.99), 18"L x 12.00"H x 3.0"D 650HP ($349.99), 24"L x 8.00"H x 3.5"D 675HP ($349.99), 24"L x 10.00"H x 3.5"D 775HP ($369.99), 27"L x 10.50"H x 3.5"D 850HP ($441.99), 27"L x 12.30"H x 5.0"D 1700HP ($599.99)