2016-2019 Cadilac CTS-v (LT4) Stage 2 Intercooled Tuner Kit W/D-1SC


The Cadillac CTS-V is a supercharged sedan for all!

When these supercharged Cadillacs first hit the internet via spy shots, we knew they would be an instant hit.  With room for the entire family and friends, plus loads of power under the hood, they make for an ultra-versatile and powerful sedan.  But, the 1.7L factory roots supercharger does have its drawbacks. It can struggle to feed the big hungry 6.2L engine, and that’s where we here at ProCharger step in.  This lack of airflow is something we have cured for years on the Corvette and Camaros that share this same engine, which leads us to this blog…

The ProCharger CTS-V supercharger swap system is here!

Before we go into details of the amazing power potential of ProCharger supercharged LT-4’s, here are some of the teaser photos of what to expect on the ProCharger Cadillac CTS-V supercharger swap kits.  As you can see many of the same parts are being used on this Cadillac system, have been the backbone of what has set virtually EVERY LT-4 based record for the last 4 years straight!

ProCharger put the LT-4 engine on the map by creating a supercharger system that could support the 1,200hp we knew this factory forged engine was capable of handling.  Owners of Corvette Z06’s and Camaro ZL1’s rejoiced as it became almost easy to make the magical “4 digits” power numbers (1,000+ rwhp).   Thanks to our ultra high-efficiency centrifugal superchargers, customers are able to produce the largest TQ and HP numbers possible, in all the RPM ranges that matter with these modern 8 and 10-speed transmissions.  To check out some amazing examples of those cars please click HERE.


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NOTE: 2017 and newer GM vehicles require sending the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) computer to ProCharger for bench flashing purposes so, please allow additional time for this step. Please click on link here for more details.