2012-14 CHRYSLER 300 HEMI SRT8 (6.4)

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Chrysler 300: Classy, Luxurious Power

For those who enjoy the luxury and upscale feel of the Chrysler 300 but need the power of a supercharger to make your experience complete, we have the system for you. ProCharger’s Intercooled Supercharger system for the 2014-12 Chrysler 300 can create 200+ horsepower gains on pump gas and only 7 psi of boost.

ProCharger’s P-1SC-1 supercharger combined with our high perfomance air-to-air intercooler system provide unmatched power with maximum reliability and relatively easy installation. The HO Intercooled System is 100% complete, with fuel injectors and innovative Diablosport Predator® handheld programmer included.


*Higher boost levels are available for modified engines.

200+ HP gains on 7 psi of boost

Proven Intercooled ProCharger Systems and Turner Kits are now shipping for the 2014-12 6.4L SRT8 Chrysler 300. This industry leading technology produces a gain of 200+ HP with a conservative 7 psi. For those wanting to purchase a tuner kit and have custom tuning performed by a local dealer, gains in excess of 200+ HP may be possible. Intercooled ProCharger Systems provide the coolest charge air temps, largest power gains and most repeatable performance available.

ProCharger’s patented and proven self-contained P-1SC-1 supercharger and a high-performance air-to-air intercooler system creates unmatched power delivered with maximum reliability and a relatively simple, bolt-on installation. Our systems provide the coolest air temperatures and largest power gains in the industry.

The HO Intercooled System is 100% complete, with fuel injectors and innovative handheld programmer included. Tuner Kits exclude programmer and fuel system components.

2014-12 300 6.4L Options & Upgrades

• Satin, Polished, or Black supercharger and bracket finish
• Helical Gearset for noise reduction (P-1SC-1 and D-1SC only)
• Tuner Kits allow for D-1SC up to F-1A-94 upgrades
• Race Bypass Valve upgrade available