Vortec P/U and Tahoe

Turbo System Installation Instructions
Step 1:
Disconnect Battery.


Step 2:
Remove Air Intake Assembly From TB To Air Filter Including Filter Box; Save Mass Air Meter, Air Temp Sensor & Plastic Bonnet.


Step 3:
Remove Bracket Holding Three Hoses Attached Under Alternator.


Step 4:
Remove Spark Plugs; Regap To .35 And Save For Reinstall.


Step 5:
Remove 02 Sensors From Exhaust.


Step 6:
Remove Exhaust From Exhaust Manifolds To Behind Converters.


Step 7:
Remove Oil Dip Stick & Tube From Passenger Side.


Step 8:
Remove Passenger Side Exhaust Manifold; Save Gasket.


Step 9:
Remove Starter Heat Shield.


Step 10:
Remove Plastic Splash Shield From Behind Front Bumper. Remove Small Plastic Panel From Under Core Support; Save One Of The Bolts For IC Install.


Step 11:
If Your Vehicle Has A Fuel Pump Blockoff Plate; Remove And Drill & Tap 3/8 Pipe & Install 3/8 Pipe Drain Fitting Into Plate & Reinstall With New Gasket.


Step 12:
If No Plate Is On The Block; Remove Oil Pan & Install Fitting 2” To The Rear Of Front Bolt On Passenger Side, 1” Down From Pan Rail; Reinstall Pan.


Step 13:
Install Turbo Manifold Using Factory Gasket & Bolts Supplied.

Step 14:
Install 2-Piece Crossover Pipe; Leave Loose For Final Adjustment.

Step 15:
Install Dip Stick; Some Modifications Necessary.


Step 16:
Locate Turbo Drain Plate, Drain Fitting & Gasket & (2) 8mm Bolts. Install Drain Fitting Into Drain Plate & Install Onto Turbo Using Gasket +(2) 8mm Bolts.


Step 17:
Install Spark Plugs & Wires.


Step 18:
Locate Turbo Mounting Bolts; 3/8×1/4 and Gasket. Install Turbo On Turbo Manifold.

Step 19:
Locate 3” Down Pipe & Heat Wrap; Wrap Pipe From Top To Just Past Where Heater. Hoses Pass And Secure With U-Clamps Provided.


Step 20:
Install 3” Downpipe From Bottom And Secure With (4) 3/8 x1” Bolts & Gasket; Leave Bolts loose For Adjustment.


Step 21:
Install Wastegate w/ (2) 5/16 x 1 ¼ Wastegate Locknuts & (2) 5/16 x ¾ Bolts & (2) Gaskets; Start All Bolts, then tighten. Secure Crossover Bolts And Down Pipe Bolts.

Step 22:
Install Catalytic Converter.

Step 23:
Install “Y” Pipe & (2) 3” Clamps; Tighten.

Step 24:
Install 02 Sensors; One In Crossover; One In Downpipe; One in “Y” Pipe.


Step 25:
Install Crossover Clamp & Tighten.


Step 26:
Install Oil Drain Hose & (2) Clamps.


Step 27:
Locate IC & (2) 2 ½ x 2 ½ Hoses & (4) #40 Hose Clamps; Also (1) 7/16 x 1” Bolt & Locknut; (1) Self Tapping #12 Screw & (1) 10mm Bolts From The Plastic Panel. If Your Vehicle Has Tow Hooks; Remove From Driver’s Side & Reinstall After IC Is Installed. Install IC w/ Outlets Toward Pass. Side Using 7/16 Bolt On Rear Tow Hook Hole (Driver’s Side).

Step 28:
Position IC w/ Outlets So Factory Hole Lines Up On Pass. Side, IC Bracket & Install 10mm Bolt.


Step 29:
Drill 1/8 Hole In Core Support & Install #12 Self Tapping Screw.


Step 30:
Install 2½” Hoses On IC w/ #40 Clamps; Tighten Inside Clamps.


Step 31:
Locate 2” Turbo Outlet Pipe; Install From Top 2 ½” Side Down Onto IC Hose.


Step 32:
Locate 2” x 2 ½” Hose & (2) #32 Clamps; Slide 2” Hose onto Pipe & Position Pipe In Line w/ Turbo.


Step 33:
Slide Hose Onto Turbo & Tighten Clamps On Turbo & IC Hot Side.


Step 34:
Install Factory Plastic Bonnet.

Step 35:
Plug 5/8 Breather Nipple w/ Plug Provided & Tighten Clamp.


Step 36:
Install Optional Chrome Shield.


Step 37:
Install Mass Air Meter Onto Plastic Bonnet Using (2) 3 ½” Hoses & (4) #56 Clamps; Be Sure Flow Is In Correct Position.


Step 38:
Locate Three Remaining IC Tubes & (2) 2 ¼” x 2 ½” Hoses w/(4) #40 Clamps. Cut Inner Fender Well For Pipes To Clear.

Step 39:
Install Lower IC Pipe Onto IC; The Pipe Should Run Under Frame Rail & Point Towards Opening In Fender Well.

Step 40:
Install Upper Pipe Onto Mass Air Meter.


Step 41:
Using (2) 2 ¼” Hoses, Install Remaining Pipe, Connecting Upper And Lower Pipes; Position So Pipes Do Not Rub On Anything. Tighten All Clamps.


Step 42:
Install 2 ¾” x 2” Hose Onto Turbo.

Step 43:
Install Air Filter Adapter And Air Filter Onto Turbo w/ Breather Fitting Pointing In the 1:00 Position.


Step 44:
Install Breather Hose To Breather Pipe In Pass Valve Cover & To Air Filter ADPT.


Step 45:
Remove ¼” Pipe Plug Above Oil Filter Adapter.


Step 46:
Install ¼” Pipe Fitting Into Block.


Step 47:
Install 1/8” x #490 Degree Fitting Onto Turbo, Pointing Towards Valve Cover.


Step 48:
Install Oil Hose, 90* End To Block & Straight End To Turbo.


Step 49:
Install Wastegate Fitting Into Wastegate Boost Side.


Step 50:
Install Fitting Into Turbo Housing & Run Vacuum Hose From Turbo To Wastegate.


Step 54:
Install Air Temp. Sensor Into Hole In Air Filter & Install Supplied Air Temp. Extend the wires and plug in.