Universal Ford BA-2800 Mass Air Meter

The Granatelli Big Air Series of MAFs are designed to Eliminate Pegged MAF Meters Forever! For years custom tuners have fought with mass air meters that are completely unrepeatable due to receiving dead used cores, purchasing recalibrated used meters that have been cut open and sand blasted to meet a certain requirement, plain incorrectly calibrated MAFs or they ”peg” (exceed the MAF’s kg/hr vs 5 volt output) at a certain horsepower level. Granatelli, in concert with Hitachi, created the new BIG-AIR Mass Airflow Meters are the solution. The Big Air was designed for the tuner in kind that is sick of sending their meters back to be recalibrated, replaced under warranty, or having to switch meters when increasing horsepower!

The GMS 90mm ‘Suck Thru’ designed BIG-AIR Mass Airflow Meters will support up to 750 rwhp, without ”Pegging” and are intended to be direct replacements for all 2000-up Ford Lightning’s and 2003-2004 Cobra’s. Granatelli’s series of Big Air Mass Airflow Meters feature steel bushed reinforced mounting holes to support and eliminate cracking during installation and their OEM quality calibrations promise factory driveability, repeated accuracy, and reliability.

Warning – These meters require custom tuning and the MAF transfer functions must be moved to match said parameters.

BA-2800 supports up to 750 rwhp in most applications

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