Turbonetics RG-45 Wastegate 11240


The brand new RG-45 replaces the legendary Racegate in our wastegate lineup. It is built with the latest technology such as stainless steel base, inconel high temp valve, high temp fluro-silicone diaphragm, and v-band connections all in a very small frame size. Like its name suggests, the gate has a 1.77”/45mm valve and is good for powerplants making up to 750 HP.


  • 45mm valve – perfect for 400-800 HP
  • Directed Flow Technology – exclusive valve design “directs” the exhaust energy
  • Investment cast stainless steel – corrosion resistance and superior strength
  • V-band inlet & discharge – for easy installation
  • Mutiple boost/vacuum ports – for clean installation
  • 5 to 50+ psi boost regulating capability


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