Holley EFI Fuel System Kit


In-line Fuel Pump (12-920), Billet Regulator, Billet Filters, Earl’s Super Stock™ hose, Super Stock™ push-on fittings

PART# 526-3

Holley EFI fuel kits are the perfect addition to your Terminator or Holley EFI kit. They are engineered using Holley fuel pumps, regulators and filters coupled with quality Earl’s plumbing to provide a fuel system tailored to the needs of your Terminator EFI System


  • Holley EFI fuel kits provide everything needed for a complete supply fuel system for the Terminator EFI. The following items are included:
  • In-Line Fuel PumpP/N 12-920
  • Billet RegulatorP/N 12-846 Adjustable from 40-70psi with manifold reference
  • Billet FiltersP/N’s 162-550 (100 GPH 10 Micron) and 162-551 (100 GPH 100 Micron)
  • Earl’s Super Stock™ Black HoseP/N 780006ERL, 20 ft. of -6 hose
  • Earl’s Super Stock™ Hose EndsView the instructions below for a list of all fittings included
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