Exa-Pump® “MINI” Turbo Oil Electric Scavenge Pump – THE BEST JUST GOT SMALLER!!

Another Industry First.

Created from the same materials as it’s big brother Exa-Pump®, the Exa-Pump® “Mini” offers the exact same high-temperature, high-reliability pump technology in a smaller form-factor more suitable to physically tighter applications such as motorcycles, quads, personal watercraft, snow machines, or any space-limited or ultra weight-critical racing application. The Mini is also the first pump in this field to offer external motor brushes for easy/inexpensive replacement. The custom heatsink allows the entire motor/pump head assembly infinite rotation allowing optimal orientation of the in/out ports, including port functional reversal.

This pump was designed from the ground up to handle the most extreme conditions found in any motor vehicle, with a special emphasis on turbocharger oil scavenging applications. Built on extremely rugged spur gear technology, this small-frame 350F continuously rated pump offers aerospace/military-grade quality in a compact/lightweight package.
• 350F (175C) Fluid Temperature 
• 2GPM Scavenge Pump Rate depending on oil temperature/viscosity, 30+ PSI continuous as Pressure Pump 
• Hardened Bronze Gear Pump Rotors 
• 10,000 Hour Rated Dual Hybrid Ball Bearings 
• Low-cost, Easily Replaceable External 2,000 Hour Rated Brushes 
• Highest Rated Temperature (class H or higher) Insulated Copper Motor Windings 
• Black Anodized Extruded Aluminum Heatsink 
• Nickel-plated Pump Head 
• Stainless Steel Pump Head Fasteners 
• 3/8″ NPT Female Threaded Pump Head Ports 
• Simple In/Out Port Reposition via Infinite Rotation of Motor/Pump Head Assembly 
• Set of two 3/8” NPT -> AN Nickel-plated Adapters Included – Options are -6AN, -8AN, or -10AN Sizes – if size preference not specified at order time, -8AN supplied
• High-Temperature Power Wiring 
• Weatherproof Connectors 
• Rubber-isolated Mounting Bracket with metal collar insert 
• Extremely Low-vibration, Quiet 
• 4 lbs Total Weight, 2” Diameter Motor 
• Not designed for use as a fuel pump 
• Warrant void if 350F (175C) rated temperature is exceeded. 
• Rated voltage may be exceeded by up to 25%. Warranty void if applied voltage exceeds 25% of rated voltage as labeled. 
• For 100% compatibility with 16-18V set-ups on race vehicles, choose the 24V version. 
• Operating Current: 12 VDC version is <5A nominal, 15A maximum. 24 VDC version is <2.5A nominal, 7.5A maximum. Pump MUST be protected by fuse or circuit breaker – 12V pump 15A, 24V pump 7.5A. A fuse or circuit breaker will protect the pump from permanent damage in case of rotor-lock from ingesting foreign debris. Note “nominal” means the typical current in a typical installation as a scavenge pump with a free-flowing output. When the temperature of the oil is very low, the oil’s viscosity is much greater, and the pump will consume more current until the oil warms up. The fuse or circuit breaker current value takes into account the additional current needed for pumping oil at low temperatures. As a pressure-pump, the pumps are rated min. 30PSI. Exceeding any of these ratings will void warranty. (30-50PSI operation range is possible, but not guaranteed or warranted). 
• Two-year Warranty – warranty void if pump is modified, or current ratings exceeded. Warranty only for genuine TurboWerx products purchased from TurboWerx or authorized resellers. No user-serviceable parts within the pump, warranty void if pump is opened. Do not remove or replace ANY fasteners. Warranty and terms of sales.

Good Things Come in Small Packages. 

The Exa-Pump® “Mini” is the ideal choice for motorcycles/drag-bikes. But the Mini is perfectly suited for any space- or weight-challenged application. It is important to note the Mini has the capacity to be used with any twin-turbo set-up as well. Big-brother Exa-Pump® is equipped with 10,000 hour brushes, but due to the compact nature of the Exa-Pump® Mini, there was not enough physical room for these over-size brushes. Our next best solution was to introduce external brush technology that allows easy/inexpensive replacement of the 2,000 hour brushes without having to dismount the pump. No other pump offered in this realm offers this feature.

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12VDC Version, 24VDC Version

*AN Nickle plated adapter

-6an, -8an, -10an