2019-2015 CHARGER SRT (6.4)

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Bolt on 215+ more horsepower

The Dodge Charger is one of America’s most revered performance namesplates. Originally an icon of the muscle car era, the Charger has been reborn as an affordable performance sedan. While this latest version of the Charger may not be the two-door muscle car you remember from the 1960’s, the 2015+ Charger models combine 4-door functionality with modern HEMI power. So if you’re looking for even more performance out of your Charger, look no further than ProCharger.

ProCharger offers intercooled supercharger systems and tuner kits for 2015+ 6.4L HEMI powered Chargers. ProCharger HO Systems and Tuner Kits offer a gain of 200+ HP with only 7 psi, and 215+ HP with the optional race intercooler upgrade. That’s 700+ HP with a single bolt-on!

Systems and Tuner kits feature the patented and proven, self-contained P-1SC-1 supercharger, a highly effective air-to-air intercooler and the ability to be bolted directly to a Stock HEMI engine with no additional modifications. When it comes to providing safe and reliable performance, ProCharger leads the industry with thoroughly-tested and proven supercharger solutions for late-model HEMI’s.

Power Gains Up to 215+ HP on just 7 psi

The P-1SC-1 supercharger with one of our industry leading air-to-air intercooler options will provide gains up to 215+ HP on 7psi of boost. Tuner kits are also available for customers wanting custom tuning, fual system and boost levels. This supecharger system is easy enough to install in the home garage with an OEM fit and finish, while leaving no permanent changes to the automobile. The system is 100% reversible, so it will not affect resale or trade in value if you choose to remove the system before sale. ProCharger has a vast network of installing dealers across the US to get your installation handled.

“Their centrifugal superchargers and associated hardware have outstanding fit and finish, and mount under the hood for a clean, OEM look.” – Mopar Muscle

2015-2019 Charger 6.4L Choices & Upgrades

• Satin, Polished, or Black supercharger and bracket finish
• Helical Gearset for noise reduction (P-1SC-1 and D-1SC only)
• Tuner Kits allow for D-1SC up to F-1A-94 upgrades
• Race Intercooler ugrade (from HO intercooler)
• Race Bypass Valve upgrade available


1DI515-SCI, 1DI505-SCI, 1DI415-SCI, 1DI405-SCI, 1DO314-SCI & 1DI304-SCI




NOTE: All Chrysler/Dodge vehicles 2015 and newer have locked Powertrain Control Module (PCM) computers and they require an unlocking process in order to install a new tune.  Please click on link here for more details. The PCM must be shipped to Diablosport for unlocking so, please allow roughly one week. Another option is to purchase a second PCM directly from Diablosport ahead of the installation so, there is no downtime.  It is an unfortunate hassle, but unlocking is required with any tuning modification to Chrysler/Dodge vehicles.