LT1 Impala SS

Turbo System Installation Instructions

Step 1:
Compare parts with packing list.

Step 2:
Disconnect battery negative cable.

Step 3:
Remove factory plastic cover over motor.

Step 4:
Remove air intake ducting from throttle body to mass air meter.

Step 5:
Remove air temperature sensor from ducting. Save for re-installation.

Step 6:
Unplug (4) O2 sensors, 2 in front of converters and 2 in rear of converters.

Step 7:
Remove converters from vehicle and remove O2 sensors from the converter pipe.

Step 8:
Remove L.S. exhaust manifold (driver side).

Step 9:
Remove one way air valve from driver’s side manifold.

Step 10:
Carefully bend brake lines out of ABS box towards inner fender panel to clear new exhaust manifold and turbo. Drain oil.

Step 11:
Mark spot on pan at the third bolt from the rear of the pan on the drivers side. 2” down from third bolt drill a 1/4” pilot hole in pan.

Step 12:
Use a 37/64” hole tap and install 3/8” pipe fitting pointing forward. Put silicone around fitting at pan.

Step 13:
Install turbo exhaust manifold using Felpro gasket and (6) stainless bolts (3/8 X 1”). Tighten manifold and safety wire bolts.

Step 14:
Install turbo drain with 1/2” pipe by 5/8” hose barb.

Step 15:
Install oil pressure fitting onto turbo.

Step 16:
Remove 1/4” plug in block above oil filter and cooler adapter.

Step 17:
Install 1/4” pipe fitting supplied with kit. Install #4 90 degree swivel at about the 1 o’clock position. Install #4 hose onto 90 degree fitting and tighten. Be sure hose is routed behind head and away from exhaust.

Step 18:
Install turbo using (4) 3/8” X 1/4” bolts with gasket and lock nuts.

Step 19:
Install oil pressure line onto turbo and oil pan. Tighten clamps.

Step 20:
Install 3” downpipe onto turbo using (4) 3/8” X 1” bolts and gasket. Be sure exhaust pipe is positioned away from steering.

Step 21:
Install one way valve onto 3′ downpipe pointing forward. Connect 10” piece of silicon hose to valve and to coupler. Tighten clamps.


Step 22:
Install heat shield onto turbo.

Step 23:
Remove torque converter shield.

Step 24:
Locate passenger side of crossover pipe with the wastegate mount, and install wastegate onto pipe using (2) 5/16” X 1/4”bolts, lock-nuts, and gasket. Be sure wastegate points down.

Step 25:
Install pipe with wastegate onto passenger manifold using original gasket and nuts. Do not tighten yet.

Step 26:
Install drivers side crossover onto passenger side pipe and onto drivers side manifold using (3) 3/8” X 1&1/4” bolts and lock nuts. Tighten all crossover bolts.

Step 27:
Install oxygen sensor into passenger side crossover and plug in.

Step 28:
Install Y pipe onto downpipe and install drivers side converter using (2) 3/8” X 1&1/2” bolts provided. Do not tighten yet.

Step 29:
Locate 2&1/2” passenger converter pipe and wastegate pipe. Install wastegate pipe into 2&1/2” converter pipe and install into Y pipe and into passenger converter rear. Install 2&3/8” X 1&1/2” bolts into passenger converter rear.

Step 30:
Install wastegate pipe onto wastegate using 2&5/6” X 1” bolt and gasket. Make sure pipe is straight across under converter making sure everything is level and not rubbing anywhere. Install 2&1/2” clamps on front of both converters and on downpipe. Tighten clamps, converter bolts, and wastegate bolts. Install remaining (3) oxygen sensors, tighten and plug in.

Step 31:
Install 90 degree fittings onto boost side of wastegate and onto turbo vacuum hose from turbo to wastegate. Be sure hose does not rub on exhaust.

Step 32:
Locate torque converter shield. You will have to modify this to fir. Trim a little at a time until it fits around 2&1/2’ pipe. You should have about 1/4” clearance when done.

Step 33:
Remove bolts that hold transmission cooler and pull away from AC condenser about 2”. Locate 2 long nuts and (4) 5/16” bolts and washers. Install intercooler in front of AC condenser using 10mm bolt on hood latch on passenger front. Install (1) 5/16” X 3/4” bolt and washer through lower core support and through intercooler lower mount. Use 1 washer and long nut and tighten.

Step 34:
Install transmission cooler onto long nut, with 5/16” X 3/4” bolt. Use other long nut to hold the other end of the transmission cooler.

Step 35:

Step 36:
Remove inner lower fender well in front of drivers tire. Install (2) 2&1/2” hoses onto intercooler. Install 2&1/2” J pipe onto intercooler lower hose so that the J pipe goes around the core support and points back. Install 2&1/2” hose on end of J pipe. Install 2&1/2” S pipe onto end of J pipe. Position S pipe so it is between the fans on the radiator pointing up. Install 2&1/2” hose on end of S pie. Install 4” hose on throttle body. Install 2” intercooler pipe onto intercooler top and on 2” compressor pipe. Tighten all clamps on 2” and 2&1/2” pipes.

Step 37:
Locate lower inner fender well. You will have to trim it to fit around the pipes before you install it.

Step 38:
Install 2&3/4” hose onto turbo inlet. Install 3’ inlet tube and 3” rubber elbow on mass air meter.

Step 39:
Install 3/8” pipe to 1/2” hose fitting onto chrome pipe. Rotate pipe so the fitting is at the 7 o’clock position.

Step 40:
Remove factory breather hose from valve cover to throttle body plug, with supplied 1/2’ vacuum plug and clamp. Install 40” breather hose from valve cover fitting to chrome air inlet fitting.

Step 41:
Install air temperature sensor into 3’ rubber elbow. You will have to extend the wires to the sensor, with supplied wire and butt connectors and split loom.

Step 42:
Locate the small vacuum hose that you removed from the factory air inlet tubing. Install this in the small hole in the bottom of the 3’ rubber elbow.

Step 43:
Install fuel pump.

System now comes with programmable fueler system. Install throttle body plate with injectors between steps ___ & ____. Follow instructions on programming unit.