LT1 Camaro & T/A

Turbo System Installation Instructions
Step 1:
Disconnect negative battery cable.


Step 2:
Remove air box, air cleaner, and inlet elbow. Re-install injector rail bolts if SS model. Remove air temp. Sensors from air inlet elbow, save for re-install. Remove mass air flow meter from air box, save for re-install.


Step 3:
Remove drivers side sparkplugs, unplug water temp. sensor located in driver’s side cylinder head.


Step 4:
Remove diverter hose and one way valve off drivers side exhaust manifold, save for re-install. Remove oxygen sensors from L.S. exhaust manifold and behind catalytic converters. Remove both downpipes and converters.


Step 5:
Cut three inches off forward end of remaining exhaust pipe. Remove exhaust hanger bracket from transmission tail housing, re-install nuts on transmission.


Step 6:
Remove drivers side exhaust manifold, save gasket for re-install. Remove front air deflector, save hardware. Remove plastic panels under left and right front fenders, save for re-install.


Step 7:
Remove plastic air induction panels in front of radiator. Remove hood latch and support bracket. With support bracket removed, cut off lower section.

Step 8:
Unplug and remove windshield washer bottle assembly. Install intercooler in front of radiator using nut plates. Re-install hood support bracket and hood latch.

Step 9:
Remove plastic plug in driver’s side inner fender panel. Remove air pump intake hose that was connected to air box. Install K&N vent filter to air pump and tighten clamp. Remove air plastic covers from steering column.


Step 10:
Remove air vacuum solenoid from bracket and bend the bracket towards the head.


Step 11:
Unhook cruise control cable from throttle body. Unplug wiring harness from cruise control box located in front of sway bar on driver’s side. Disconnect cable from cruise control box and remove complete assembly. Remove all brackets. Reinstall box on outside of frame just forward of the stock location. Use the existing 6mm nut plates to position the box. Drill two 1/8” holes and install screws to complete box installation. Reconnect cable through hole in inner fender panel, hook up at the throttle body, and plug in wiring harness.

Step 12:
Remove all sway bar bolts and pull down sway bar.


Step 13:
Oil drain. Find flat surface on driver’s side front corner of oil pan. Measure up from bottom 1 ¼”, center punch and drill 1/8” pilot hole. (be sure to grease drill bit) Next drill to 37/64”. Tap hole with 3/8”, again making sure to grease tap for to hold metal shavings. Install 3/8 X 5/8 hose barb and tighten. Use silicon on threads and seal around fittings to prevent leaks.

Step 14:
Locate ¼ pipe X #4 fitting that is supplied. Remove ¼ plug from above the oil filter. Install new fitting and tighten. Locate the stock manifold gasket (you will need to modify gasket holes using the turbo manifold as a template). Drill the two end holes and debur. Install the turbo manifold using the 3/8 header bolts supplied. Reinstall spark plugs and wires. Hook up water temp. sensor ( the sensor may have to be rotated to plug in). Make sure spark plug wires and any others are away from the turbo header!


Step 15:
Locate the 2 ½ turbin discharge pipe. Wrap the pipe with heat wrap provided. Start at the flange and end at the oxygen sensor bung. Secure wrap with hose clamps provided. Install oxygen sensor and the one way valve into turbin downpipe. Install discharge pipe from the front over the top of the sway bar and under the turbo manifold. Push pipe back as far as possible making sure oxygen sensor is pointing up. Locate turbin inlet gasket and (4) 3/8 X 1 ¼ bolts and lock nuts. Install turbo onto header and tighten bolts.

Step 16:
Locate (4) 3/8 X 1” bolts along with turbin discharge gasket. Install downpipe onto turbin exhaust housing, tighten bolts, and plug in oxygen sensor. MAKE SURE NONE OF THE PLUG WIRES OR WIRING ARE CLOSE TO EXHAUST OR TURBIN HOUSING!


Step 17:
Locate oil drain plate, along with fitting, and (2) 8mm bolts. Install onto the bottom of the turbo. Locate the 5/8 hose and (2) #10 clamps. Install hose from oil drain plate to barb fitting in oil pan. Tighten clamps.

Step 18:
Locate sway bar spacers and bolts. Install between sway bar and stock mounts and tighten.

Step 19:
Locate the (2) piece 2 ¼ crossover pipe, (3) 3/8 X 1/4 bolts, and three hole gasket. Install drivers side pipe first (it has the wastegate flange) using the gasket and hardware provided. Start bolts but do not tighten. Install passenger side onto driver’s side and onto the studs on the passenger manifold using the original gasket and nuts. Now tighten all nuts and bolts on crossover. Locate wastegate and two gaskets and (4) 5/16 X 1/4 bolts. Start all bolts before tightening, and then tighten evenly.

Step 20:
Locate # 4 oil feed hose. Install hose (with 90* end), to fitting installed above oil filter. Point behind head & route along valve cover to the top of the turbo and tighten. Install catalytic converter onto downpipe, making sure heat shield is towards car body.


Locate the 3” cat-back pipe. Install onto converter and rear exhaust pipe., using tail housing bolt for support.


Locate the 3” exhaust clamps. Install in front and rear of converter and on rear exhaust pipe. Position pipe so there is ¼ “ of clearance above cat back pipe behind converter. Tighten clamps and support bracket. Install one oxygen sensor behind converter and plug into plug above tail shaft housing. Locate the 36″”O2 sensor wire extension. Strip the remaining O2 sensor covering and put tape around one of the brown wires in the middle. Cut all four wires and install the wire extension. Be sure to keep the wires in order. Install conduit over wires and install at rear of cat back pipe. Plug in above starter.


Step 21:
Locate the (2) 2” high-pressure white stripe hose (hps). Install one on turbo discharge using (2) #32 hose clamps. Install the 2” compressor outlet pipe into the hose just installed on the turbo. Install remaining hose on the other end of the pipe. Locate (3) 2 ½ “ hose. Install on both ends of intercooler using the #40 hose clamps. Install the 2” to 2 ½ “ compressor pipe. Install one end to intercooler on passenger side, and the other to the 2” compressor pipe. Adjust pipes so as they don’t contact the core support. Tighten all clamps.


Locate the 2-½ cool side lower pipe. Install onto intercooler and route through hole in inner fender. Locate 2-½ X 3 ½ intercooler pipe, Install remaining 2 ½ hose using (2) #40 clamps on lower pipe. Don’t tighten.


Step 22:
Locate the remaining 3 ½ hose and (2) #56 clamps. Install onto air intake pipe. Install mass air flow meter, making sure it is pointing in the right direction (plug is on top). Install air filter and tighten all clamps.


You will have to lengthen the M.A.F. wires and air temp. wires. Use the harness provided and plug it in. Locate the ¼ to ½ hose barb. Install into the air intake pipe and tighten at the 10 o’clock position. Install the ½ breather hose provided. Route it up in front of the water pump. Remove vent hose from throttle body, and install ½ hose coupler to it. Install ½ vacuum plug using #4 clamp where the vent hose was. Locate 5/8 green silicone hose. Cut original diverter valve hose at the end of the straight section. Install coupler into hose and route hose along valve cover. Plug into the diverter valve installed on downpipe.


Locate aluminum throttle body elbow. Install the 4” hose onto the throttle body using (2) # 40 clamps. Tighten inside clamp only. Slide aluminum elbow onto the 3-½ pipe and onto the throttle body hose. Position pipes so they don’t rub or rattle.


Locate the # 52 hose clamp. Attach elbow to factory bracket. Tighten all other hose clamps now. Locate the 2 ¾ rubber elbow. There are two holes in it. The air temp. sensor goes in the ½ hole. The small hole on top is for the distributor vent hose.. Install long end of 2 ¾ rubber elbow onto turbo at about the 4 o’clock position. Install the #44 clamps on each end. Locate the 2 ¾ X 3-½ air inlet pipe. Remove front bolt holding sway bar bracket. Install air intake pipe onto 2 ¾ elbow. Line up bracket with hole and reinstall bolt. Tighten all hose clamps.

Step 23:
Remove factory fuel filter. Install GF-481 fuel filter, supplied with #6 adapter in the stock location. Mount fuel pump over rear end, with supplied bracket & hardware. Outlet points toward driver side.


Install factory push lock line that went to factory fuel filter to inlet of pump, being careful not to kink hose. Route #6 supplied hose from outlet of fuel pump to inlet of fuel filter. Tighten all fittings. Install fuel line hose holder, so line wont contact rear housing. Hook up ground wire to mounting bolt. Run positive wire to gray wire on bottom left of harness for fuel tank.


Step 24:
Locate right and left lower plastic panels and air deflector. Both panels must be notched to clear intercooler ducting. Once modified, install panels and front air deflector.


Step 25:
Install 24lb per hour injectors.


Step 26:
Install F.M.U., hoses with fittings.