Hays Introducing Dragon Claw 1150 Clutch Kits

Tame the beast! Hays is proud to release their Dragon Claw 1150 Lever Assisted Clutch Kits. These Dual Disc clutch kits are undoubtedly a game changer for the performance clutch market. Dragon Claw Clutch Kits are intended for “Street Driven Race Cars”. They can withstand the torque of forced induction engines (rated up to 1150 lb.-ft. at the crank) and survive extreme racing use without requiring additional pedal effort from the user.
How does this design allow customers to have the best of both worlds? Dragon Claw Clutch Kits use a diaphragm plus patented lever assist combination. The diaphragm keeps the pedal effort near stock for street use. The levers swing out by centrifugal force as engine RPM increases and apply direct pressure above the pressure plate. This results in a clamping force that holds under conditions where many of the competitor’s “high end” clutches fail.
• Kits come complete with Flywheel, Alignment Tool, Throw-out Bearing*, Shims* and Hardware ensuring properly matched components and ease of installation
• Light weight construction – Cover is forged from 7075 T6 aircraft grade aluminum; Flywheel is forged from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum; Complete 2 disc assembly weighs as little as 35 lbs.
• Patented lever assist technology allows clutch to have increased torque holding capacity while maintaining a near stock pedal feel – Proven to hold for turbo and supercharged vehicles with up to 1150 lb.-ft. torque
• Proprietary ceramic friction material is both streetable and aggressive when necessary
• Sprung hub disc centers allow for smooth engagement, less gear lash, and longer transmission life
• No break in period – Install the clutch and drive it!
• 100% American made
• 3 disc versions rated up to 1500 lb. ft. torque coming soon

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