Holley Announces All-New Line of EcoBoost Coils From ACCEL

ACCEL has been offering high quality high output COP coils for Ford’s 2 valve, 3 valve and 5.0L Coyote applications for years, now EcoBoost owners can enjoy the benefits of ACCEL Supercoils as well! ACCEL SuperCoils feature up to 15% higher energy output than OE coils along with optimized windings, resistance and turn ratios will help to unleash your engines maximum horsepower potential. ACCEL late model Ford EcoBoost SuperCoils are not only available intraditional ACCEL yellow, but in blue and black as well!
-Up to 15% more spark energy than OEM coils
-Improved throttle response
-High temperature vacuum applied epoxy resists shock and vibration
-Maximizes fuel mileage
-Installation usually takes less than an hour
-Direct OEM replacement
-ODB II compatible-will not trip an engine code
-Choice of three different colors yellow, blue & black (application dependent)
-Offered in singles and multipacks