• Banshee II VGT Controller/HE351VE Controller


    *Currently on back order! Hoping to have them back in stock June 2018

    Kit includes:
    IP67 rated controller
    Main Wiring Harness
    Exhaust Brake Harness (1 of the 3 versions)
    50 PSI sensor
    Auto meter 3223 sensor relocation kit

    Installation of the controller can be done within an hour, depending on the exhaust brake option there are 4, 5 or 6 wires leads you would have to connect. The basic 3 wires are positive, negative and ACC on. Depending on the option it can take an additional hour.

    1) Universal option has 2 wires that for a momentary N/O switch. The Installer would need to source the momentary normally open switch. This switch would then be mounted anywhere driver would like, i.e. behind the accelerator pedal, on the shift knob or somewhere else. This option what can take an additional hour depending on the switch placement.

    2) 98.5-02 Dodge 24 valve option, has one wire with correct socket that plugs into the ECU connector.

    3) 03-06 dodge ISB 5.9 option, has 2 wires with correct sockets that connect to the ECU.

    For the most part the kit is plug’n’play



    Update on the VGT Controller!

    VGT Controller is IP67 rated, reverse polarity protected, surge protected as well as 12 and 24 volt compatible. This controller will control any Holset VGT with Holsets Smart Remote Actuator.

    Kit includes,

    – VGT Controller Module
    – 60 PSI Auto Meter sensor
    – Auto Meter sensor relocation kit
    – Insulated strap to secure the pressure sensor
    – Main wiring harasses
    – Secondary harness with USB adapter, exhaust brake switch and exhaust brake force adjustment knob
    – one of two exhaust brake harnesses (Dodge Cummins 98.5-02 or 03-07 common rail) note the 03-07 common rail harness is also used as the universal harness. When used as the universal harness customers will need to supply a momentary switch to signal the exhaust brake engagement.